Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Looking at myself in the mirror
I seem more serious than I did last year.
My eyes seem to hold a mysterious question as I write
I'm not sure I know the answer to it quite yet.
I seem older, even with a ponytail,
And the need for glasses is stronger,
Even at my young age.
I heave a sigh and look back at myself in the mirror,
Knowing it is only two more days
Until I turn the ripe old age of twenty-two.

Monday, October 07, 2002

I love to listen to the rain at night,
Hitting the roof in loud sheeting noises.
It reminds me of quiet nights
When no one is awake but me
The house is quiet.
I am sometimes awakened by the thunder
If it is loud enough
And sometimes, if it is soft enough,
It will lull me to sleep.